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22 August 2019
Виды кальянов
Кальяны по размеру:Миниатюрные кальяны высотой до 30 см качественными курительными характеристиками не могут обладать по определению. Они годятся только в качестве сувенира из какой-нибудь арабской, азиатской страны или для украшения интерьера...
25 April 2019
Hookah Diffuser
Hookah Diffuser - what for and how to use it?
23 April 2019
Purging a Hookah - What For?
Paranda Store found an answer to this and many other questions to make your smoking process even better!
23 April 2019
How to Get Rid of Hookah Smell in the Room?
Many people, especially the non-smokers, have a negative attitude to the smell of hookah. It is quite difficult to erode from clothing and hair. How to get rid of the smell in the apartment?
23 April 2019
Kaloud vs. Foil: All the Truth About Kalouds in One Article
"Just a little more and we will completely change the hookah industry" - with these words the creators of the kaloud turned to hookah lovers. And what happened in the end? More on this in the article.