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Kaloud vs. Foil: All the Truth About Kalouds in One Article

23 April 2019

A Foil or a Kaloud - What's  Better for a Hookah?


Kalaud or foil - which is better? Talking about kaloud, the features of the product design allow you to keep the heat inside, reduce the coal consumption and make the process of heating more efficient. The key element of Kaloud is the presence of holes at the base. This allows you to maintain a constant temperature of coal burning and prevent fading out. This is what makes Kaloud fundamentally different from foil, where coal often fades out on the outside. In addition to excellent functionality, designers pay great attention to the appearance of products. There is a large number of stylish and elegant devices on the market that will complement and decorate your hookah.


How to Use?

Как пользоваться калаудом? Во-первых, отложить в сторону такой привычный атрибут при курении кальяна как фольга. Она нам совершенно не понадобится. В связи с этим Калауд — это практично и просто. Нет необходимости тратится на фольгу, прокалывать отверстия и проч. Еще одни профит в том, что в случае с фольгой и жаростойким табаком важно не допустить их контакта. В случае с калаудом нет повода для беспокойства — даже при варианте забивки с горкой, пригорание табака практически исключено.

How to use a kaloud? Firstly, put aside such a familiar attribute when smoking hookah as foil. We do not need it at all. In this regard, Kaloud is practical and simple. No need to spend on foil, poke holes and so on. Another profit is that in the case of foil and heat-resistant tobacco, it is important to prevent their contact. In the case of Kalaud there is no cause for concern - even with the full packing, the burning of tobacco is practically excluded.

Loading a hookah with a kaloud:

  • Pack the shisha into the bowl, fluffing it up as much as possible, so as not to reduce the airflow. Remember that you can pack a rounded bowl of shisha  - the risk is minimal. If you plan to smoke hookah for a long time, it is recommended to try Kaloud in the bowl. Then try to put the tobacco in such a way that it does not come into contact with the Kaloud.
  • Light the coals.
  • Place the Kaloud Lotus on the bowl.
  • Place the coals in the kaloud and cover it with a lid.
  • Close the vents of the kaloud and let the hookah stand for about 3-4 minutes.
  • Now you can smoke hookah and enjoy the process. After the bowl warms up, it is recommended to open Kaloud vents.

Watch the heat while smoking. If it is too much, remove the cap and smoke without it. Every half an hour, shake the ashes on a tray using tongs. DO NOT TOUCH KALAUD during and after smoking. It heats up and remains hot for a long time, even if the coals have already gone out. Use the tongs to move the Kaloud Lotus.



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