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How to Get Rid of Hookah Smell in the Room?

23 April 2019

In fact, the hookah smell disappears itself within fifteen hours after smoking. You can speed up the process by airing the room.

In general, it is better to think about the unpleasant smell in advance and try to minimize it. For example, turn on the hood, when you burn coals, leave the window on airing. Remove things of natural materials that absorb the smell, from the room, such as pillows, blankets and so on.

The smell after hookah smoking can be suppressed by a brighter aroma - use the coffee beans. To do this, they need to be fried in a frying pan till they give the flavor or you can just make coffee in a cezve. If there are no coffee beans in the house, use an air freshener.


Coffee flavor suppresses the hookah smell


There are several ways to get rid of the hookah smell stuck due to frequent smoking:

  • Air the room regularly;
  • Use air freshener;
  • Often do wet cleaning in the apartment. In this case, you can add a little bleach to the water. For the complete elimination of any fragrance, wash the curtains, this will give freshness and finally help to get rid of the hookah smell.

We hope that our recommendations will be useful to you.

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