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Cosmo Hookah

Cosmo Hookah - hookahs and a sample of traditional design and quality from a Russian manufacturer. made of stainless steel. classic light mine pull.

Cosmo New SCosmo New S
13048 Rub 13048.0

Cosmo Bowl, a young hookah brand from Yekaterinburg, offers simple and reliable hookahs at a reasonable price to the market. Cosmo Hookah hookah is made in strict monochrome tones. It looks elegant and traditional thanks to the lacquered surface of the mine in deep black. In addition to hookah shafts, the manufacturer produces bowls, flasks, mouthpieces.

Sophisticated design and carefully selected materials explain the high quality of smoking. The metal elements are made of stainless steel. A shaft diameter of 15 mm contributes to light traction. The diffuser is responsible for silent operation. Food-grade silicone hose does not absorb odors, does not bend during operation.

Paranda online store offers Cosmo Hookah hookahs with delivery. We sell only original products. When ordering from 30,000 rubles, delivery in Moscow, Russia and around the world is free.

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