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“ST Organization” is a Moscow company engaged in the production of clay bowls for hookahs since 2016.

The exclusiveness and distinctive feature of the proposed ST hookah bowls are:
1. Thanks to the innovative and labor-intensive technology of clay processing, it was possible to create a product that is not prone to overheating of both the bowl and tobacco. This makes the work of the hookah server easier, as you can remove the bowl with your bare hands (it does not burn your fingers).
2. This technology has increased the duration of smoking and preservation of flavour with a smaller amount of tobacco ( 30-45% less tobacco than the classical grammage of 20-22 g).
3. An important feature is the unusual design of the hookah bowl (it has a very attractive and original look)

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Bob Graham
22.07.2019 в 18:13
Bob GrahamPerfect. Very happy with it. Much better than what came with my hookah.
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