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Exchange and Returns Policy

Our online store works in strict accordance with the LAW OF THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION ON THE PROTECTION OF THE CONSUMERS' RIGHTS

According to Art. 25 of the Law "On the Protection of the Consumers' Rights", you can return or exchange products of proper quality during 14 days, not counting the day of their purchase.


According to Art. 26.1 of the Law "On the Protection of the Consumers'  Rights", you are entitled to return any commodity purchased in the online store, within 14 days after receiving it, without specifying the reason for the return.

Commodities of proper quality may be returned, if their vendibility, consumer properties, as well as the document proving the fact and terms of purchasing said commodity, are retained. Where a consumer does not have the document proving the fact and the terms of a commodity's purchase, it shall not make impossible for him to make reference to other evidence of buying the commodity from a given seller.

A consumer shall not be entitled to reject a commodity of proper quality with specific properties, if the said commodity may be solely used by the consumer purchasing it (e.g. custom orders ).

In the event of a consumer's rejecting a commodity, the seller must return thereto the sum of money paid by the consumer under the contract, except for the seller's outlays on the delivery of the returned commodity from the consumer, at the latest within ten days as of the date of the consumer making the appropriate claim.


Contacts to reach out to the store for the exchange or return of goods:



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